Make a place for your community

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Do you have a desire to build community and add beauty and character to your neighbourhood?

Do you dream of helping bring a diverse group of people together towards a common goal that makes your world a better place?

Building on the success of last year’s first ever City Commons placemaking convergence in Vancouver, the 2014 Vancouver Placemaking Course is being launched to train a cohort of placemakers and community builders and provide them with the skills, tools and support they need bring creative placemaking projects to fruition with their neighbours.

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What is Placemaking?

Portland, Oregon’s City Repair, North America’s pioneering organisation dedicated to Placemaking, describes it like this: “Placemaking is a multi-layered process within which citizens foster active, engaged relationships to the spaces which they inhabit, the landscapes of their lives, and shape those spaces in a way which creates a sense of communal stewardship and lived connection.  […]

Placemaking workshop at Living the New Economy 2013

About this course

This course is heavily inspired by the pioneering work that City Repair in Portland, Oregon has done over the past 17 years to help residents creatively reimagine the way space can be used in an urban environment,  building community and actively engaging citizens in the evolution of their neighbourhoods. Placemaking is a way to “repair” […]

Mark Lakeman

Course anchor Mark Lakeman

We are incredibly lucky to be able to draw upon the inspiration and wisdom of Mark Lakeman, founder of City Repair in Portland, Oregon, to activate and anchor this unique course. If you are familiar with Mark and his work, you know that it just doesn’t get any better than this! Mark is a national […]